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From where do we receive our data?

Exclusively all data is fetched from the Riot API

How are the builds calculated?

First, we search through the match history of all challenger, grandmaster, and master summoners in EUW. This data is aggregated in our database, and individual values (like on which patch they were played) are added. Then we iterate through every champion and check the match data we have. Afterward, most bought (first, second,...) items, masteries, etc. are calculated and stored.

Could you also add a Chinese/American builds website?

For China, the Riot API is currently not available, so Chinese builds are technically not possible. was built after Fnatic made it into the finals in Worlds 2018. If any other region achieves this, I would consider creating a further website.

Is there an API?

Currently, we do not offer a public API. If you are interested in retrieving Europeanbuilds data in a structured format, we might offer the option of bulk retrieval. If you are interested, please contact

Why are some champions grey?

Champions, where less than six matches for a specific summoner are available, will be greyed out. This is because, with such a low amount of data, no build paths can be calculated reliably. If you still want to get a build for you champion try checking an older Patch. Generally, when a new Patch just came out, it will take a bit until most champions have enough data.

I have feedback or found a bug!?

We are very happy to receive feedback or bug reports; please mail them to

How was the site developed?

The Frontend code is written exclusively in Vanilla JS without any framework; however, it is transpiled down from modern Javascript using Webpack. The Backend is is written exclusively in NodeJS